How can we add the first node we created or the one you downloaded from Github to the node-red palette?

In this tutorial, how can we add the first node created or the node you get from somewhere to the node-red palette? we will consider it.

In order to add the test nodes we created according to the Node-red instructions to the Node-red node palette (You can create your first node according to the instructions here). I will proceed by explaining what these steps are.

We will follow the steps here. It’s a simple process anyway.


To add it where all the nodes are, we must first get to the home directory from the console.


We install the custom node with the Npm install command.

“npm install” With this command, the dependencies are installed.

The folder of the node we are working on has been added to the home directory as a shortcut. It’s good that it’s like this because we’re still working on it. This would not have happened if we had packaged and loaded it. (I will show the packaging and loading process in the next slope series)


Finally, we initialize Node-red to check that the node has been added.

The custom node is located where we specified. How do we create a custom node in the next tutorial? We will deal with every detail.

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