How to Connect to Android Devices via Lan Connection or Wifi and Install Apps in Android Studio

In this content, how can we install and test applications with Android Studio on an android device with a lan connection or wifi connection, unlike a usb connection? I will show it.

1) We need to enter the Sdk Platform Tools file in the Command Prompt of our computer. You can easily access the Sdk tool path information from File>Settings>Appearance & Behavior>System Settings>Android Sdk in Android Studio.

2) In the command line we have to enter the file

The parameters we will use here are;

adb devices = Shows connected Android devices.

adb connect device_ip = allows us to connect from the device’s ip address. (Enter wifi settings to find out your device’s ip address)

adb connect device_ip = disconnects us from the device.

Now we can test the devices we have.

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