Node-Red Function Node Multiple Outputs (How to Use Function Node)

In this tutorial, we will examine the multi-message output (Outputs) case of the function node in the red node. In this example we will create a function with 3 outputs. You can create as much as you need.

1)Let’s add Node-Red Function Outputs

From the “Properties” settings of the function to the “Installation” section. Let’s set the entry in the “Outputs” section to 3.

2) We are creating the data that will go to the Outputs.

You can create an array to send multiple messages consecutively.

	1.Output = msg1,msg2
	2.Output = msg3
        3.Output = msg4

Let’s create a different scenario

Suppose a json data is received.

(Line 3) We are converting String data to object.

(Line 9) We check for incorrect data from the sensor.
“Error = true”, “Error = false” if the incoming is false.

If “Error = false”, data is transmitted to 3 outputs.

If “Error = true”, only output 3 will get an error message. A null value is passed to outputs 1 and 2.

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