Packing Node-Red Nodes and Adding Them to the Node-Red Palette

We need to package the nodes we create to distribute them to other people or platforms. In this way, they get rid of their dependencies and make their installation easier.

If you are going to publish it in an environment like, the package directory structure should be like this.

If it will be published in an environment like, “node-red” should be added to the keywords in package.json. With this tag, the node is recognized as a node-red node and is listed in the node-red nodes section.
(In the next tutorial I’ll show you how to publish a node on

We open the directory where the node is located with “Git Bash”.

We perform the packaging with the “npm pack” command.

Adding the Node-red Package to the Palette Section

After starting the node-red server, we reach the menu > manage palette. We add the node.

The operation was successful.

Node-red Node Delete

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